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Garage Door Repair Service

Garage Door Anytime offers a broad variety of garage door services. Ranging from garage door repair to garage door installations. In order for your garage door to work, all the pieces need to work together. This includes the springs, cables, openers, sensors, panels, rollers, and tracks. That’s not all the parts, that was just a short list. All our technicians understand this. In fact, because of their knowledge with garage doors, they can repair any component. So long as the pieces are still being manufactured. If a component is beyond repair they will let you know. This will allow you to make the best possible decision.

There’s no other company that can match our expertise and friendly service. You can trust us to get the job done. In part because of our 100% money back guarantee offers peace of mind that our service will be done right.

Are you a business owner, or manager looking for commercial garage door services? You’re in luck! We offer commercial services with only the best brands. Whether you’re looking to have a completely new garage door installed. If instead, you’re looking for repair services we also offer commercial garage door repair. Whether it’s a roll up garage door or a steel industrial garage door we have you covered. Give us a call today to receive our first-class garage door repair services.

Brands of garage doors we work with include:

Garage Door Anytime can repair any garage door part. Here are a few more details on our most common services.

Garage Door Spring Repair

garage door spring repairThe springs on a garage door are instrumental to a working garage door. Although, you might think your garage door opener is the one that opens your garage door. It would be almost impossible or a little unreasonable for an opener to move a garage door.  Most of the necessary weight is generated by the springs.  Whether they be torsion or extension springs.

The springs will last you about 5,000 to 10,000 cycles depending on the climate in your area. The colder more moist area will require more maintenance. This is something like a non-corrosive garage door lubricant. You can apply the lubricant to all the moving parts of your garage door to extend the life of most of the components. The longer you can postpone replacement the better for you.

Eventually, the garage door springs will break. When this happens we urge to not continue operating your garage door. It can become hazardous to you and can cause more damage to rest of the garage door components. Call us and we can replace the springs and get your garage door working like new.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Repair Services Los AngelesAs a part of Garage Door Anytime’s services, our opener repair service is second to none. If your garage door opener is malfunctioning, we can repair it. Openers are essentially small electric motors that allow your garage door to move with the press of a button. This unrivaled convenience can become a bother especially if your car is trapped inside.

You can attempt to open your garage door by different methods including a screw that allows you open your garage door enough to allow you to lift it. Not all openers have this option available but if you read your manual you can still open your garage door.

After all this, you can give us a call. Our professional team can examine your garage door opener and make the necessary repairs. If your garage door opener is not possible to repair. For instance, if your opener’s model has been discontinued. Our expert will let you know and will allow you to take the necessary steps to get the perfect opener for you.

Garage Door Sensor Repair

garage door sensor repairSafety sensors were introduced to garage door openers in response to some horrific incidents. They detect whenever there is an object in the pathway of the moving garage door. When they detect an object in the path of the garage door it will immediately stop and open again. This is to stop a possible injury or damage occurring to anything under the garage door’s path.

To troubleshoot your sensors simply make sure they are aligned. They emit a small invisible light. When this light is obstructed from one sensor to the other, as mentioned above, it will stop and return to the open position. If they are not aligned they will simply not allow your garage door to close because to them it’s as though something is in the way. If this doesn’t resolve your issue. Give us a call, we can replace your sensors if necessary or change the wiring.

Garage Door Cable Repair

garage door cable repairCables on the garage door play a role similar to the sensors. They increase the safety of your garage door. Cables do this by keeping your garage door from not swinging wildly should the springs break. In other words, they keep the garage door balanced. As your springs begin to wear down over time the cables are a very useful instrument to your safety.

To replace the cables requires the following. Once you have a new set of cables, release the tension on the springs. Make sure you open the garage door completely and hold it in place with c-clamps on the tracks below the lowest rollers on the tracks. Unhook the springs and replace the cables on the garage door. Then do the opposite of that. Hook up the springs, remove the c-clamps, and step back about 20 feet. Then, click your opener to make sure the cables are working properly.

If that is a bit too complicated go ahead and give us a call! We’d love to give you a hand and replace your cables to get you exactly what you need.

Garage Door Roller Repair

garage door roller repairThe image here is that of garage door rollers. You will find these on a sectional garage door. They roll along on a track living the good life. Then, bam! One decides to be a rebel and decides to warp, bend, or break.  This can cause damage to your garage door track and creates an instance where more unnecessary force is exerted by the springs. This will hurt the rest of your garage door. That’s right that little roller can end up costing you a lot more money.

To replace your roller you will do something similar to the cable replacement.  Open your garage door fully. Then attach a clamp about two-thirds of the way up on the garage door’s track. Then warp the track a bit on the inside track or the one facing the inside of your garage door. You can unplug the power to your opener or simply use your release cable found on most of the chain, screw, and belt drive openers. Line up the roller you need to replace and using a screwdriver pry the roller out. At this point, you can remove the old roller and place your new roller. Place it back and fix the track by using a set of pliers again.

This is a dangerous process that Garage Door Anytime can do for you to save you time. Not to mention, it guarantees it will get done right. Call us today!

Garage Door Panel Repair

garage door panel repairSectional garage door are composed of different panels. Most sectional garage doors have four sections to the garage door.  One of the benefits of having a sectional garage door rather than a one piece garage door is the replacement. For instance, if a one piece garage door has severe damage to it, you will need to replace the entire door. Although, on a sectional garage door you will only need to replace the damaged sections.

We provide panels for all major garage door manufacturers as well as special orders. Give us a call today to get the exact garage door panel you need at a price you will love.

New Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation Service AnytimeThere is a large variety of garage doors available to you. Not to mention, there are a lot of different garage door materials. They include wood, steel, aluminum, and glass. Additionally, there is also a huge variety of designs provided by different manufacturers.

This means no matter what your home requires you can get a garage door that perfectly fits the style of your home.

Not only do we install garage doors for your home we also offer commercial garage doors. A business that has a fully functional garage door is a valuable asset. All our certified technicians can install a perfect fit for your business. From trusted brand like Overhead Door and Raynor.

We offer you a 100% money back guarantee to offer you peace of mind that your garage door will work and work properly. Call us today for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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