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Garage Door Opener Repair Anytime

Garage Door Opener Repair AnytimeAre you in the market for a new garage door opener? Garage door opener repair Anytime offers garage door opener repair and installation services. This includes service for both commercial and residential properties. Your opener makes your life easier by opening your garage door. Therefore, if it’s not in good working condition, it’s irritating. We can make the situation easier for you if this is the case. Our professional staff can go to your home and assess the opener. If it can be repaired they will do it then and there. if the opener is beyond repair or discontinued they will help you get the best opener for your particular situation. Whether you’re looking for the most economical option or the quietest.

There is a large selection of garage door openers to choose from. These include openers from brands such as LiftMaster, Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlain and much more. Besides brands, there are the different kinds of openers to choose from. This is a much smaller list than the brands. They include the belt drive, chain drive, screw drive, and jackshaft garage door openers.

Each of the different types of openers has its advantages. Below you can read a bit more about them in detail. We recommend finding the type of garage door opener you would like. Then, you can go about choosing the brand that has the best option for your situation.

Chain Drive Openers

chain drive garage door openerThe image here is that of a chain drive garage door opener. This garage door opener is by far and away the most popular option available. For good reason too. The chain drive openers are the most economical option available. This means if you’d like to automate your garage door it’s as simple as acquiring a chain drive garage door opener. Not only are they economical they are also very dependable. With proper maintenance, these openers can last a very long time. Garage Door Opener Repair Anytime offers installation and repair for chain drive openers. Here’s a list of pros for chain drive openers:

  • Adjustable
  • Economical
  • Popular

Belt Drive Openers

belt drive garage door openerHere is the belt drive garage door opener. It is one of the more luxurious options available. This is because it is very quiet. This is useful in many cases. For example, if you have a bedroom above your garage. The noise of a chain driven garage door opener can be irritating. You can hear and feel the vibrations as the garage door moves. With a belt drive garage door opener, this is not the case. It will move your garage door very smoothly. Also, because it uses a belt rather than a chain it doesn’t require lubrication. This means less maintenance to keep the garage door working properly. Below you can see the reasons to choose this garage door opener.

  • Reliable
  • Quietest
  • Faster to Open Garage
  • No lubrication needed

Screw Drive Openers

screw drive garage door openerNow this is the screw drive garage door opener. This opener is unique in that it uses a screw mechanism rather than a belt. As a result, there are less moving parts on this garage door opener. Furthermore, because there are less moving parts the opener requires less maintenance. This is a bit more costly because of all the upsides to the garage door opener. The main drawback is one that Anytime does not have to worry about much. In extreme temperature changes, these openers are known to malfunction. Besides that, this is a very solid option for your garage.

  • Very Robust
  • Less Moving Parts
  • Less Maintenance

Jackshaft Openers

jack shaft garage door openerFinally the Jackshaft garage door opener. This option is unique compared to the rest of the options available. It mounts on the wall next to the garage door as opposed to the ceiling. This clears up the room above your garage for storage. It is a very sleek option that works great with sectional garage doors. On top of that these garage door openers are just as silent as the belt drive garage door openers.

This opener is the best option if you have a high ceiling or an oddly shaped one. Making it the only option available for certain homes and businesses. All the openers are reliable thanks to today’s industry standards so you can’t go wrong with choosing this one.

  • More Headroom
  • Silent Operation
  • Great for Sectional Garage Doors

Garage Door Remote Programming

Garage Door Opener RemoteYou might find yourself in a situation where your garage door remotes aren’t working properly. There are some simple steps you can take to troubleshoot your remote. For instance, checking the batteries to make sure they have some juice. If the juice is not a problem then it might need to be reprogrammed. Our technicians will drive to your home. Then, they will program your remote to make sure it works with your garage door opener system. if necessary they can provide you with a completely new remote that will allow you to have your opener working again. Give us a call if you would like us to program your garage door remote.

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